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UpUp Design Ltd. is a small Glasgow based creative team focusing on motion design and visual effects. Originally formed in 2009 offering architectural 3d visualization services we quickly grew to offering full in-house project production - from brain storming to filming all the way through to final 3D production, compositing and delivery.

Our close relationship to freelance designers and animators allow us to grow our team at any point to cater to any size project. We intend to stay a small team and make sure we can offer the best costs for your needs.

Bottom line, we're a small enthusiastic team that love what we do.

Stop by for a chat or a coffee at any time...well, not any time - some notice would be nice!

Our Services

2D and 3D Motion Graphics

At UpUp we have an extensive range of skills and experiences in the media industry but ultimately what we really love to do is put design in motion!

From 3d production and compositing to 2d/3d tracking and roto masking we enjoy it all. Our work ranges from TV commercials, brand idents, corporate reels and product demos to TV show intros and in-show stings.

With a small team bringing over 10 years of 3d experience to the table we are confident we can deliver and give your project the attention it deserves.

Architecture Visualization

With a number of our team previously working as visualization artists for one of the largest architect firms in the world we are confident in saying we understand architecture. We are familiar with the language and workflow of architecture and know this makes everything easier for both us and the client. When planning visualizations for large, quickly moving projects this is key for getting the right results.

We like to bring a new approach to architectural visuals whether it's a conceptual project or for projects at the marketing stage. We like to try and bring our tv and motion graphic experience to the visualization process.


Not only can we execute ideas but we can think of them too! From static images to viral videos we can help take your brand a step in the right direction. Whether you are a start-up company looking to market your service or an established brand looking for a fresh new approach we want to help. If you are curious as to what we can do to help you or your brand just get in touch.

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